Scott Steinberg has released a new book detailing the rise and fall of the gaming industry. Called Music Games Rock: Rhythm Gaming’s Greatest Hits of All Time, it is available for free download at

“Partying its way to success faster than any genre before and leaving an indelible mark on pop culture, music and rhythm gaming had become a $1.7 billion juggernaut by 2008, only to crash and burn just a year later, single-handedly taking the game industry’s fortunes with it. Hailed as “a must-read” by today’s top music and technology critics, Music Games Rock – the first book to explore the field’s triumph and tragedy – ably covers where music gaming is going, and has been, via full-color photos and in-depth looks at dozens of landmark titles,” reads the release. “From the arcade and pre-Atari 2600 era to groundbreaking new software for the iPhone, Facebook and Xbox 360 Kinect, featured articles and essays chronicle the field’s leading lights and trends, including its surprise and often shocking origins.”