Netflix streaming video is coming to Nintendo Wii, reports NY Times. Owners of Nintendo’s console with a broadband connection will be able access the service this spring. NY Times calls it a hat trick for Netflix, with the service now available on all three current generation game systems including Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. Netflix videos on Wii will only be available in standard definition, given the console hardware s inability to process HD video. The console will also require a disc provided for free by Netflix to access and stream online content, a requirement similar to how PS3 delivers the service.  Netflix chief Reed Hastings said that the delay in getting its service on Wii had to do with overcoming technical challenges and adapting the service to the console s user interface.  NY Times adds insight to the news from Mark Mahaney, a managing director at Citigroup. The analyst told the news outlet that the move represents game console makers facing a challenging environment for packaged $60 games, adding that the general sentiment is that they better quickly hurry to add more functionality and features.


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