Netflix has agreed to delay offering Warner Brothers films to its subscribers until 28 days after the DVD has released, reports AP. The move is to give Netflix a steep discount on Warner Brothers’ older library of DVDs, and is also tied into getting greater access to the studio s fare for online streaming. For Warner Brothers, the deal is meant to help boost DVD sales. Netflix Ted Sarandos said that spurring DVD sales would be good for the entertainment ecosystem, adding that three-fourths of all DVD sales happen in the firs four weeks. The first delayed films will be this month s DVD releases The Invention of Lying and Whiteout. AP pointed out that no similar deal is in place between Warner and Blockbuster because the rental chain s business model is based on revenue sharing per copy rented with studios. Netflix’s 11.1 million subscribers pay a single monthly fee to access any content. AP says Netflix added 1.7 million customers in the first nine months of 2009, spurred by its rollout on PlayStation 3. Read more from AP.