“We’re ecstatic at the 3.00 upgrade because not only have our sales gone up 40 per cent since the update but for me personally it’s what I’ve been calling for and looking forward to for a long time,” said James Brooksby, studio head at Doublesix.

“I’ve always been saying that effectively when you boot up the PlayStation 3 there’s a 40 inch advertising space waiting to be used. Now instead of saying to the user ‘what would you like to play today’ – which is the basic console offering – it’s saying ‘this is what we think you should play today’ and that’s a major step forward for the entire industry and the digital distribution sector.”

The new PS3 firmware went live a couple of weeks ago and one of the big changes to the system s dashboard is the amount of advertisements for games and add-ons available on the PlayStation Store. Some users complained about the intrusiveness of these ads, but the sales figures cannot be ignored, and it is yet another way to get your game in front the audience.