It’s not often you see a car manufacturer go outside the box when it comes to marketing its products – but that’s exactly what Nissan is doing in an effort to attract a younger audience.

At the Tokyo Motor Show this past week, the company handed out virtual reality goggles for people to check out their vehicle through California start-up Oculus VR, which successfully launched a KickStarter last year for the Oculus VR headset. Using the goggles, the participants checked out a virtual 3D world, one in which they could create their own concept car. It’s part of a co-creation process that the company is considering for future marketing terms.

“We want to engage digital natives, people who would maybe not be interested in cars, or who expressed less passion for cars going forward, and co-creation allows us to engage them in a unique way, to bring them inside the process of vehicle development,” said DeLu Jackson, Nissan’s global head of digital strategy.

No word yet how the design process will move forward, but considering that this process was met with great success, you can bet that Nissan is definitely keeping it in mind.

Source: Adage