Nordic Games acquired Darksiders, Red Faction, and other THQ IPs for $4.9 million. While the company indicates it would like to do something with the larger properties it picked up, that’s years out and would be predicated on finding the right partner — the real benefit is the sale of the games that already exist that they now own.

“Most of the titles are already available online, but a lot of the assets aren’t available. That’s one of our first goals: to bring these games to online retailers,” said Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors. “I know the millions of gamers that bought them. I know the math of the commercial side of it. Most of the titles that are producing income generate revenue every minute.”

“I wanted the smaller assets,” he added. “Pretty much everything that was left after the February auction. We were part of the auction in December, but we decided not to go for one of the big IPs because it was just too much money. I don’t want to own a studio. I’d rather own the rights to the IP.”

Source: VentureBeat