Obsidian right now is reveling in its Kickstarter success, having drawn in over $1.7 million over less than a week for its new RPG, Project Eternity. That’s been great for the developer, since they’ll own the game outright and retain all the profits, but Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart indicates that some game publishers are trying to “game the system” when it comes to Kickstarter.

“We were actually contacted by some publishers over the last few months that wanted to use us to do a Kickstarter,”he said. “I said to them ‘So, you want us to do a Kickstarter for you, using our name, we then get the Kickstarter money to make the game, you then publish the game, but we then don’t get to keep the brand we make and we only get a portion of the profits’ They said, ‘Yes’.”

Source: Develop