There s a bold line between Wedbush Morgan Securities game industry analyst Michael Pachter and stock market prognosticator turned noisemaker James Cramer.  The line may have been made finer now that GameTrailers convinced the respected analyst to try his hand at showmanship in their new “Pach-Attack!” program.  Take a look at the video and you can almost imagine the type of props and devices Cramer uses on his CNBC show Mad Money showing up on Pachter s set.  On the other hand, this could shape up to be a solid platform for getting out news about the business side of games, something the industry is lacking here in the US.  In the meantime no promises from the[a]listdaily that we ll feature every episode, but now you know about it.  The series launches with the analyst giving a two-and-a-half minute primer on what hurt and helped game industry sales in 2009.


Watch it at GameTrailers.