YouTube has become home to a number of success stories, with users like PewDiePie and others generating big money and huge interest through original content, as reported in this previous story. That said, some users are still trying to find the right way to get their foot in the door. Don’t worry, though – there’s a book for that.

A new book called YouTube Channels For Dummies is now available, co-written by Pixability CMO Rob Ciampa and VP Professional Services’ Theresa Moore. It’s the latest release in Wiley’s For Dummies series, which simplifies terms and instructions for getting into certain subjects.

With so many marketers trying to shift their media budgets towards online video, the book’s release seems timely, covering a variety of topics that help those get a better understanding of just how useful YouTube can be to success. This includes such elements as Making a Home On YouTube, Making Good Videos, Growing and Knowing Your Audience, and how YouTube Channels Are Serious Business.

“From established global brands to young independent creators, YouTube offers an enormous opportunity to share stories through video, create a community, and even build a business,” said Jim Habig, marketing manager for YouTube.

The book breaks down crucial steps, from getting an understanding of how to build a channel initially on YouTube to managing it, to building an audience and understanding the analytics that come from them. Video editing tips are also included, so that amateur mistakes can be avoided.

“With extensive experience in the online video business – both personally and at Pixability – this book builds upon a foundation of deep video marketing expertise, insight into brand and consumer trends in online video, and experience helping global brands leverage YouTube as a revenue generator,” said Clampa, co-author of YouTube Channels For Dummies. “The book covers everything an individual, an MCN, brand or agency needs to know to build a measurable YouTube strategy.”

“From channel creation to audience discovery, advertising, monetization and analytics, we left no stone unturned,” added Moore. “We distilled years of professional experience on YouTube into a comprehensive resource that addresses every element required to build a business on YouTube.”

YouTube Channel For Dummies is available for both paperback and in Kindle form over on Amazon. It looks to be a good tool for those that want to make YouTube work for them.