If there was one bright spot in NPD’s game sales reports for July, it was game accessories.  While game hardware and software sales at retail both saw double digit year-over-year declines, accessories stayed fairly flat with just a three percent dip.  In fact dig through the string of mostly negative NPD reports of the past year and you’ll find the game accessories market has shown some resilience.

That hasn’t been lost on Plantronics, a longtime maker of headsets and other audio accessories that’s making a reinvigorated push into the game market.  There’s fierce competition with the demand for game accessories. Perhaps nowhere is it fiercer than audio head gear, which has become a critical piece of equipment for competitive online gaming and eSports.  That’s why as Plantronics prepares their first salvo in the fight to win over gamers – the launch of their new Rig headset and mixer coming later this year – the company worked with Ayzenberg to start the buzz early and highlight what the headset can do through a teaser web site {link no longer active} and trailer.

Look for an exclusive interview with Plantronics on the campaign to launch Rig coming soon in [a]list daily.