On Sunday, the global leader in audio communications, Plantronics Inc., revealed that it will be providing advanced audio and chat solutions for Xbox One gamers around the world. With officially licensed audio peripherals optimized for performance with the Xbox One, Plantronics could change your entire gaming experience.

“Xbox One brings fans true gaming immersion to the living room and new, connected ways to enjoy media,” said Branden Powell, Director of Accessories at Xbox, in an article on CNNMoney. “With its commitment to innovation, Plantronics was a natural partner as we looked for solutions that offered the high-quality audio and clear communication essential to deliver the best Xbox One experience.”

Plantronics has worked closely with Microsoft since 2002, producing all Xbox Live headsets for the original Xbox console. The headset company also created the popular Halo 2 Special Edition headset in 2004, which became the best-selling third-party headset accessory of that console generation.

“We are thrilled to be working with Microsoft to provide products to support Xbox One and continue our support for Xbox 360,” said Dorothy Ferguson, head of gaming marketing at Plantronics. “With our proven expertise in creating mobile, gaming and entertainment products that offer uncompromising audio, clear two-way chat, and long-wearing comfort, our upcoming Xbox One products are sure to excite.”

Plantronics Gaming features a one-of-a-kind flagship RIG Gaming Audio System, which offers competitive players premium audio and voice chat. It also enables gamers to connect and move freely between all of their gaming and entertainment devices with just one headset. RIG fuses top-notch game audio and live voice chat (at home and on-the-go) with mobile audio, music, and apps.

RIG Gaming Audio System, RIG Flex and RIG Surround are currently available worldwide.