From Joystiq:

Sony Computer Entertainment America has some good news and some bad news to share. The good: Sales of PS3 hardware at its “top retailers” jumped 300 percent for the first week of September versus the week before the system’s price was cut to $299 for the 120GB “slim” unit. The bad: Um, well . . . okay, we lied. Everything’s pretty good for a change at SCEA HQ, considering people are actually buying its console. (Although 300 percent pales in comparison to Europe’s totally legit 999 percent increase . . . or Japan’s 7,350 percent increase).

We’ve outlined the efforts of the new PS3 in last week s exclusive feature and believe the perfect storm that Sony’s been waiting for has finally arrived.

The marketing, which now centers around a humorous (fictional) Sony employee Kevin Butler, has been instrumental in pushing the new price tag and ample features of PS3, and with an expected price cut for a month now, many consumers who were waiting on the fence decided to make the jump.

The end of the year is shaping up to be big, with the momentum clearly on Sony’s side.