When it comes to reaching a millennial audience in general, marketers seem to have it easy when it comes to analyzing the latest trends. Targeting a specific female audience, however, is a bit trickier, according to a new eMarketer report, “Millennial Women: How Their Social Network Usage, Shopping Habits and Personal Finances Add Up.”

According to the report, the audience is divided between Internet, social network and smartphone users, but it appears that there’s room for a small bit of growth over the next four years. However, to appeal to this audience, there’s a certain set of guidelines to follow.

“The press constantly pits and positions generations against each other, but that doesn’t resonate with millennials,” said Victoria Draper, director of consumer analytics and research for AOL. “They do look up to boomers and Gen X women. This gives publishers and brands a great opening to celebrate the significant alignment that exists between the generations.”

Deputy director Rebecca Eisenberg believes that showing a diverse set of consumers in marketing materials can play a bit part as well. Paper towel ads were brought up as an example. Normally, ads are shown with mothers cleaning up messes, but “if you’re a single women who spills some wine on the carpet, you need a paper tower, too. (Millennial women) want to know that the company they’re giving their money to gets who they are.”

Diversity still plays an enormous part, as millennials “are looking to see themselves represented in the media they’re watching,” said Eisenberg. “It’s really important to show a diversity of people — different races, ages and sexual orientations.”

Splitting the sexes, however, is NOT a smart move. Alex Abraham, director of Edelman’s 8095 Insights group, said the line between males and females continues to blur. “Many of the traditional differences between the two are going away. There are a lot more women in the workforce, women for years have outnumbered men in the college ranks, and there are more stay-at-home dads. With the millennial generation, you need to be able to speak to parents. There should be less talking specifically to moms and dads, because the parent role can take many different forms for this generation.”

Tapping into millennial idealism and inspiration also play a huge part. “Embrace their positivity and their fun-loving personality, but embrace their struggle,” said Draper. “Highlighting stories that feature those who remain positive in the face of obstacles really resonates with them. The way they emotionally handle their struggle is relevant.”

Source: eMarketer

Image Source: Ryan Jenkins