Red Faction: Origins will be coming out on Syfy that covers the interim story between Red Faction: Guerrilla and Red Faction: Armageddon with intermediary member of the Mason family, Jake. While Michael Nankin, director of the project, nor much of the cast are familiar personally with playing the series, he doesn’t think that will hold the movie back.

When asked if you needed to play the game for a project like this, Nankin said, “No. We were in a very long collaboration with THQ, and I think Andrew Kreisberg, the writer, spent more time analyzing the game and drawing from it, that once I came along, a lot of that gold had been mined already. So then I was able to take the script and make it work.”

The Red Faction games ended up being more of a general inspiration than anything else. “Anytime we had a choice to make between what we wanted and what the game had we just went with what we wanted,” says Nankin. “We were loyal to the game when it served us, which it did a lot.”

Source: Joystiq