Research firm EEDAR has released a report on game pricing that shows quality titles have managed to retain premium price points much longer on this generation of consoles. In reporting on EEDAR’s analysis, says the report shows that titles for Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 have, on average, maintained their initial $59.99 price points for a year longer than games for the last generation of consoles.  EEDAR says that price resilience is even greater with high quality titles rated at 80 percent or higher in reviews.  The firm predicts that once Microsoft and Sony release motion controllers for their systems, it will introduce a lower introductory price category of $49.99 for the more casual fare developed for the peripherals.

EEDAR puts Nintendo Wii is in its own category based on the console s casual content and audience demographics, as well as Nintendo’s decision to retain last generation s premium price point. The report shows Wii game prices began falling last year, one year earlier than PS3 and Xbox 360. However EEDAR says new Wii titles will continue to debut at $49.99.


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