Samsung is on a roll when it comes to new tech for 2014. Along with its own variation of Google Glass, the company now appears to be working on a camera-based augmented reality keyboard system – which would do away with needing to type in functions on a physical model.

The patent, titled Input Method and Apparatus of Portable Device, has the goal of eliminating issues that speech recognition-based controls can run into, such as low recognition accuracy and being to input functions in private.

With this method, users can utilize a headset to see an AR keyboard mapped out on their fingers and palms, then use their thumbs to type the letters of choice. Although not set up like a conventional keyboard, it’s easy to see how someone could get used to this method.

Originally filed last august through the World Intellectual Property Organization and South Korea’s Korean Intellectual Property, the tech could be unveiled as soon as this September at the IFA trade show in Berlin. However, Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything as of yet.

Source: PSFK