One part of advertising is changing emotions to create desire for a product. The other part is getting the right product in front of consumers at the right time.

Sarah Whedon, Content Marketing Manager at Teikametrics, joins Matt Bretz in our 24th episode of Listen In to talk about the latter.

Sarah defines the Amazon ad ecosystem and articulates the challenge for enterprise brands: to strategize, build and optimize around where most shoppers make their purchasing choice. In other words, to ensure advantageous placement on the first search results page on Amazon. Sarah also shares details about her varied career path, including her background in academia and as a doula, among other roles. 

The conversation also covers how Teikametrics uses their Flywheel software to optimize ads on Amazon including structuring campaigns, automating bids and identifying keywords, as well as the Amazon marketplace’s new ad offerings in this unpredictably shifting media landscape.

About Listen In: Each week on Listen In, Bretz and a rotating cast of hosts from Ayzenberg interview experts in the field of marketing and advertising to explore uncharted territory together. The goal is to provide the audience with actionable insights, enabling them to excel in their field.