According to research firm Magid Advisors, 61 percent of Americans who have a stable connection to the Internet currently own a smartphone, and on top of that 44 percent own a form of tablet. This study shows that America has become a nation connected at all times – even on the go.

Tablet ownership breaks down into 59 percent of tablet owners owning some form of iPad, with the Kindle Fire having 31 percent of the share and Samsung’s tablets with a 19 percent share. Samsung’s tablets had the highest growth rate over the last year, though, moving up from a 13 percent share in 2012.

In the smartphone market, Android accounts for 53 percent of smartphone ownership in the U.S. As people and devices become increasingly mobile though, application development and marketing to the people who own these devices also has to come to the forefront. Facebook has already started to integrate app ads into its mobile Facebook, showing users applications that would be relevant to their interests. Over half of the U.S. is mobile now, and advertising has to become mobile with it.