From Engadget:

It’s not a straight up rebuttal, but apparently Sony corporate is singing a different tune than what we heard from a Sony rep on the floor of IFA (multiple times) the other day: that all existing PS3 games would be playable in 3D after the software update next year. According to Sony, it’s “conducting a technological investigation” as to the possibility of this, but claims there’s “no plan for the market launch of this at this time.”

There are still a few things to sort out on the technical end, but even more so, the upcoming shift to 3D will prove to be a marketing hurdle.

Many consumers who have HDTV sets haven t hooked up their systems appropriately to get the HD signals to their televisions. Console makers don’t help matters either, with the PS3 and Xbox 360 both HDMI-capable, but sans the HDMI cable to really make an HD visual output a guarantee.

Still, for some game companies, the advent of 3D can be as important to gaming as the popularity of motion controllers. At least one game, Invincible Tiger for Xbox Live Arcade and PS3, already offers consumers the choice to play the game in regular 2D, but also in two types of 3D (one with the old school red-blue glasses and the other with polarized lenses).

As game marketers, do you think 3D gaming s pros outweigh the cons