Sony’s E3 press conference had direct mentions of an Assassin’s Creed game and a Call of Duty title for the Vita, but previous little else for their portable system. Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios, says that in retrospect, the should have given more time to the PS Vita.

“I got lots of tweets to my account complaining that there weren’t many PS Vita games being talked about,” said Yoshida. “In retrospect, we should’ve spent more time showing and talking about our PS Vita titles.”

“We [had] 25 PS Vita games playable on the show floor, some of which are really great titles I’m very excited about,” said Yoshida. “We could have spent more time talking about those, but we had a very clear intention this year to make the total press conference shorter, because we’re notorious for holding lengthy ones.”

“I hope we accomplished that with this year’s conference (which I think lasted about 80 minutes), but from the perspective of people who are waiting for more information on Vita titles, we weren’t able to provide that,” Yoshida concluded.

That said, Yoshida is very bullish about the PS Vita overall. “Bearing in mind it’s been only four months since we launched PS Vita, I’m very happy with how the Vita has come out. We’ve worked really closely with the hardware group over the last few years to discuss what devices and capabilities would make sense,” said Yoshida. “We wanted to create the idea of a portable gaming system with our hardware group that we also wanted as a game development group. Four months later, we’re still working hard to realize the potential and vision that our hardware team has created with PS Vita. One example is that we’re able to announce PS1 classics support with the next firmware update. Other examples are how we use PS3 and PS Vita together.”

“We’re working on new titles like SoundShapes (where you can create your own songs) that is also an action platformer. You can share your creations in that game with other people who are playing games on PS Vita or PS3,” he noted. “We’re trying to show both consumers, industry and development teams what it is that they can do using PS Vita as a platform in conjunction with PS3. In my mind, we are still at the starting phase of realizing and showing the potential of PS Vita. PS Mobile is a larger initiative that also includes Vita.

Source: Develop