Eidos & WB this week released Batman: Arkham Asylum, an action-adventure game that has gotten a great start out of the gate with positive reviews, midnight sales and great word of mouth.

One thing that may hurt it?   Its special edition package which, according to at least one highly-prominent blog, isn’t all its cracked up to be.

We’ve embedded the Joystiq unboxing video below, but a couple of things have to be said.  In the lead up to the release of the special edition Batman, the batarang looked a lot better, with a bit of weight to it.  The video shows the prop is a small hunk of plastic that, in the words of the video taker, made him feel a bit ripped off.

Special editions are a great way to increase the profit margins on these games, and can be a marketer s best friend, especially when dealing with a fanbase as loyal as the Batman one.

Unfortunately, it can backfire if the quality of product isn t what its cracked up to be.  Maybe not right now, but if it continues, consumers will get wise really quickly, and any potential additional revenue will fly out the door, much like a (wait for it) batarang.

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