Activision has confirmed two details for the upcoming Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. One, the final dimension in the game is the Ultimate universe, where Spidey will wear the synthetic Venom costume, and number two, the final Spider-Man voice actor will be Neil Patrick Harris as the Amazing Spider-Man.

Harris will be joined by Josh Keaton as Ultimate Spider-Man, Christopher Barnes as Noir Spider-Man, and Dan Gilvezan as Spider-Man 2099. All have voiced Spider-Man before; Gilvezan had the title role in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends from 1981-1983, Barnes is recognized in 1994 s Spider-Man show, Harris voiced Peter Parker and his alter ego in 2003 s Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, and Keaton most recently starred in The Spectacular Spider-Man from 2008-2009.

Spider-Man creator Stan Lee will narrate Shattered Dimensions and the orchestral score will be provided by Emmy Award-winning composer Jim Dooley.