Gameforge has announced that it will be launching a free-to-play, casual browser-based game called Star Trek Infinite Space in Summer 2011. The game will have a storyline set during the era of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and will be developed by Keen Games.

Bringing keen games on board to develop Star Trek Infinite Space was an easy decision to make as Keen has a strong history of producing outstanding titles, said Ralf Adam, VP of Publishing at Gameforge. Our production team will work closely with keen games to bring the vision we have for Star Trek Infinite Space to fruition.

We have been incredibly excited about working on this project with Gameforge since day one, said Antony Christoulakis, Creative Director at Keen Games. Star Trek is one of those franchises that every science-fiction fan would give anything to work on. We consider ourselves very lucky to have this opportunity and we are highly committed to delivering a Star Trek experience fans can be proud of.