It’s well known that demos can be great marketing tools for games, offering gamers a chance to try out a title before its release. For Blizzard, however, perhaps it’s not such a bad idea to release a demo well after a game ships. That’s what’s just happened with StarCraft II, which launched five months ago.

Now a demo is available, and it might be a good way to boost the game’s long-tail sales and interest new players. After all, Blizzard’s fans are highly passionate, devoted gamers, and most of the people who were going to buy the game didn’t need any convincing with a demo at launch.

The demo contains the first three missions of the Wings of Liberty campaign and Terran-on-Terran solo skirmish. Although the demo has no multiplayer, there’s unlimited time with the demo and no account needed. The demo is kicking off in English for now, but Blizzard says other language versions will be coming soon.