Though PC gaming is still quite popular these days, there’s no question that tablet sales have left a huge mark, and, according to a report from Canalys, it’s only going to get better. Canalys defines tablets as just another type of personal computing device, considering the market to include desktop PCs, notebooks, and tablets.

The report indicates that out of all the PC units that will be shipped in 2014, half of them will be tablet-oriented, including Galaxy Tabs and iPads. In fact, out of that half, Android based ones will take a sizable lead with 65 percent, while Apple will follow a bit behind at 30 percent. That’s still a profitable margin, however.

Tim Coulling, a senior analyst with Canalys, explained Apple’s stance, despite the lower market share. “Apple is one of the few companies making money from the tablet boom,” said Coulling. “Premium products attract high value consumers; for Apple, remaining highly profitable and driving revenue from its entire ecosystem is of greater importance than market share statistics.”

As for Microsoft, it will dwell in last place with a rough five percent — not exactly what it was hoping for with its user-friendly Surface 2 line.

Source: Techcrunch