Tapjoy is moving forward with a new mobile advertising platform that will help companies get the word out through their products. nGen, which launched this week, reflects a broader transformation of the company.

Said CEO Steve Wadsworth, “In a lot of ways, it’s a new company. We’ve been rebuilding the senior management team . . . We have done a lot of things to build the company back up to get this product out the door. It all comes together in a much more comprehensive solution for app monetization for publishers.”

While in-game offers will still be included, nGen will represent a bigger platform when it comes to mobile advertising, with “the right ad to the right user at the right moment.” These ads can range from full-screen placement to promotional messages from the publisher, all tied in with events directly through the app.

Ads can be updates without the need for additional code, which will make things easier for certain developers when it comes to implementation.

nGen, which underwent testing for several months, should be entering general availability shortly.

Source: TechCrunch