Sprint and Microsoft have revealed that they have picked up the sponsorship with The Guild for its fifth season. Both have been sponsoring the web series since the second season and the series will again appear on Xbox Live, MSN Video and the Zune Marketplace.

“We’re lucky that we have such an eager fanbase and that our numbers have stayed so high,” said Day. “Partnering with Xbox increased our fanbase in a real way it introduced us to millions of people who never would have seen it before.”

The Guild was created by Felicia Day and is produced by Kim Evey, and the fifth season will involve a convention for the MMORPG they play and will have more brand sponsorships. “We haven’t really had success with brand integration aside from Microsoft and Sprint, who help us make sure their brands are visible but not obnoxious, said Evey. But the brands that we need now are brands which would sell their wares at a convention like this, and are willing to be in our show.

Source: Giga Om