The past year has been big for certain brands, mainly due to the offering of new products, ideal advertising campaigns that tied in with said products, or popular new features that caught on with consumers.

YouGov BrandIndex recently revealed a report pointing out the top ten “buzzworthy” brands for 2015, based on its BuzzRankings system across a number of respondents. The list is as follows, with a small explanation for each one:

1. Amazon. This company has done extremely well with its “Prime Day” event for exclusive Prime members, as well as the introduction of expedient delivery service with consumers requiring refills of certain products. It’s already started 2016 in a big way as well, with a new program that saves Prime members 20 percent off of current and upcoming video game releases.


2. Netflix. The streaming channel did extremely well with its original programming in 2015, and it looks to continue the trend this year with new seasons of popular favorites like House of Cards and Daredevil, along with additional shows and films.

3. YouTube. Google’s video channel exceeded expectations in 2015, with the launch of its music service, the introduction of a new subscription-based Red program and more original programming. It celebrated its 10th birthday in style, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

4. Google. Thanks to a restructuring into a holding company named Alphabet Inc., the company also succeeded in 2015 with the introduction of new products, including driverless cars and the Pixel-C tablet. 2016 should continue being a strong year for it.

5. Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This is the only health care company to end up in the top ten, but the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have proven to be an established brand, taking care of patients and their families with ease.


6. (tie) Apple. Of course Apple had a big year, with the launch of new devices like the Apple Watch and iPad Pro, as well as its new Apple Pay program and various retail partnerships.

6. (tie) Samsung. Samsung also fared well on the smartphone/tablet front, with the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, as well as the expansion of the Tizen operating system.

8. iPhone. Even though Apple already made this list, the iPhone gets its own place, thanks to the introduction of the new 6S and 6S Plus models, with more than 13 million units sold during the first weekend.

9. (tie) Walgreens. The pharmacy chain continued to do big business in 2015, with a new connected health partnership with Qualcomm, as well as the purchase of the Rite-Aid line of stores.

9. (tie) Lowe’s. The home improvement company managed to draw in a big audience of consumers this year, and also did away from products that used pesticides that may damage honeybees, earning the chain positive praise.

How will these rankings change for 2016