It’s not news that social media has become a big part of marketing in a world where Facebook and Twitter are now woven into the social fabric. While using these sites for free to market is a vital part of getting a product out to followers and likers, many companies are missing out on the opportunities offered by paid marketing through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are three different paid resources on these sites that can be useful.

Facebook promoted posts are one of these ways to get a company to get more noticed. For a fee, companies can make posts they make appear higher up and more frequently on follower’s news feeds. When someone puts a post up, one of the options that comes up is “promote.” Promoters are given the option to promote to people who like the page or to their friends as well, and can pay different amounts to reach different amounts of people.

Another one of these tools is promoted tweets on Twitter. Promoted tweets work similarly to promoted posts on facebook where users pay to have their posts viewed by more people. Twitter allows users to promote to specific demographics. Another benefit of using Twitter for paid advertising is that users don’t have to pay unless the tweet gets retweets, likes or clicks. In addition, Twitters new analytic tools allow users to see how each tweet is performing, so you can change your campaigns on the fly.

The last paid social marketing scheme that can move a company forward is LinkedIn ads. Similar to Twitter, promoters only have to pay for clicks on the ads, and not to send the ads out. LinkedIn’s ads consist of 75 characters, a headline, an image, and the company’s name. Promoters can specify which users to market to based on a number of criteria. The best ads for any campaign involve showing off what makes your company unique, including deals, and action words like try, download and sign up.

With these tools, and traditional social marketing campaigns even more people are reached, and companies can reach new highs in visibility.

Source: Mashable