GamePro’s Dave Rudden has an interview with Tim Schafer, the creative mind behind EA’s Brutal Legend.   The title s blend of open-world action and real-time strategy based on a heavy metal music premise, and girded by celebrity involvement and a massive soundtrack of licensed music, made it somewhat of a marketing enigma.  That distinction has killed many a videogame.  Given that, and not unlike Schafer s previous games, “Brutal Legend” had its share of hardcore fanatics and ho-hum detractors.  Before seeing light of day, Brutal Legend changed hands between publishers when Activision bought the game s original rights owner Vivendi and shelved the project.  That prompted Schafer to sign a deal with EA, and as a result face a breach of contract lawsuit that it eventually settled with Activision.

With the title out, Rudden talks to Schafer about whether the game has met his expectations, both in terms of critical reception and sales.  He also draws a couple of tidbits about the game s marketing, including challenges with positioning its RTS component and foregoing licensed music in the TV spot.

Read the interview at GamePro.