Time magazine has been running for years now with a very familiar format, but times are changing for the company, as it’s recently relaunched its website with a much more modern look.

The official Time website, which is still undergoing some changes, has gone through an overhaul with more startling visual images and wording, as you can see from the example above with the One World Trade Center.

The website relaunch is part of Time‘s initiative to attract even more viewers, up from the 23 million uniques it managed to get over the past year. In addition, with video streams on the rise by a whopping 860 percent and 4.4 million streams, web traffic is better than ever.

The site is also quite friendly when it comes to advertising, with units that manage to sync up together, both on the left column of the site, as well as within the main article. These new ‘magnetic’ ads were designed in-house, and Time hopes to see the format adopted by others.

A demonstration of this advertising can be found in the video below.