Sega and Creative Assembly announced that they will be releasing Total War: Rome – Destroy Carthage as the first in a series of Total War inspired novels written by best-selling author David Gibbins. Releasing alongside Total War: Rome II in September 2013, the novel’s historical fiction will detail Fabius Petronius Secundus as he rises in power in the Roman army and eventually leads the Siege of Carthage.

“The Total War game series is all about conquering your own personal version of history, in a world we make as authentic to the period as possible,” Rob Bartholomew, Brand Director at Creative Assembly commented. “David’s novel is a fantastic opportunity to further indulge in the kind of what-if story-telling our players enjoy.”

“It’s been hugely exciting for me to work on this novel.” David Gibbins, best-selling author commented. “The story of Rome’s struggle with Carthage is truly a story of total war, of a conflict spread over more than a century, in which annihilation of one side was the only possible outcome. It’s been fascinating for me to re-imagine the lead-up to the destruction of Carthage in 146 BC through the eyes of a fictional legionary, Fabius. The story has been very close to my own work as an archaeologist at Carthage itself — it’s fantastic to be that close to real history, and that’s what makes my novels come alive for me.”