Over the last several years multiple MMORPGs have found themselves moving from the once universal pay-to-play subcription model to a free-to-play model where microtransactions act as the primary source of income instead of monthly fees. The likes of Tera, Star Trek Online, Aion, and Lord of the Rings online have all adopted the free-to-play model after once sporting monthly fees, and as of June 12 so is Trion Worlds’ MMORPG Rift. Rift still offers a system where players can pay a monthly fee for certain benefits, but reportedly the game aims to keep F2P and P2P players on the same level.

Notably, MMORPG gaming giant World of Warcraft still remains a steadfast pay-to-play game, though they have dipped their feet in the waters of free-to-play by allowing any account to play up to level 20 in game without paying any kind of fee. In a market where so many other MMOs like Rift are allowing players unrestricted gameplay without any monthly fees though, how long will Blizzard’s gaming giant be able to hold out

The recent reports that Blizzard has scrapped the design of its new MMO codenamed Titan and started over places additional pressure on World of Warcraft to continue generating profits. The news about Titan means it will be several years at least before Blizzard can expect revenue from the project. World of Warcraft may have to switch entirely to free-to-play in order to stay popular for several more years, and that would not be an easy transition.