The video game headphone accessory market is certainly picking up, with several players like Astro Gaming, SteelSeries and others offering a number of products for gamers to enjoy. However, Turtle Beach’s latest campaign may have taken the cake, as the company has launched a new program with HyperSound Virtual Reality Audio Zones that will truly involve those who give it a shot.

Tied in with retail displays for Activision’s recently released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Turtle Beach has set these up at 987 various Best Buy locations across the United States. With it, users are able to experience a zone of audio created within the display, utilizing HyperSound audio backed by a sub-woofer – so that they can hear the experience along with feeling it as they play.

“This marquee implementation of HyperSound will change the way retailers think about retail audio,” said Rodney Schutt, SVP and General Manager of HyperSound. “This is the first, large-scale implementation of a new generation of retail audio that is unlike anything that has been done before.”

With HyperSound, Turtle Beach vows to deliver its most in-depth audio experience yet, with a three-dimensional experience created similar to that of surround sound headsets.

The displays promise to be the most prominent yet for a game accessory company, and it certainly helps that Turtle Beach has tied in one of the most popular releases of the year, Advanced Warfare, to demonstrate said technology.

With the program, Turtle Beach hopes that the displays provide a site-specific, targeted point-of-sale messaging for the retailer, according to the company’s press release. It can also provide increased engagement and dwell time amongst consumers, having them stick around to get the entire experience that only something like HyperSound could provide with said display. In addition, the way that the controlled sound zone is set up, it won’t distract other audio experiences within the store, like, say, in Best Buy’s car stereo department. But those within earshot will, obviously, get the gist of what the technology is about.

Those interested in HyperSound can learn more over at Turtle Beach’s website.