Twitch, the live streaming channel that continues to make waves heading into the thick of 2015, continues to expand in a number of ways – and that’s good news for both its user base and its owner Amazon.

The streaming channel has just announced that it will stream the Ultra Music Festival, a popular gathering of electronic music artists, when it kicks off from March 27 to the 29th. “Powered” by a partnership with 7UP, the festival will feature a hundred different artists taking the stage, including favorites like Royksopp and Knife Party.

“We are always pushing the envelope, working with the most innovative companies to stay ahead of the curve and offer our fans as much value as possible,” said Adam Russakoff, executive producer/director of business affairs/talent buyer for Ultra Music Festival and Ultra Worldwide. “We don’t tolerate mediocrity and our switch to Twitch is yet another step in the continuum.”

This continues the company’s delve into music support for streamers, as it previously announced that it acquired a library featuring several artists, which its users could utilize during streams.

However, that’s not all. Per Digiday, Discovery has announced that it will launch a new gaming-focused media property called Super Panic Frenzy on the streaming channel, along with YouTube. Obviously, Twitch will have the better part of the deal, thanks to an improved live streaming experience. “Our view on Twitch is it’s terribly exciting,” said Colin Decker, general manager of Discovery Digital Networks. “We’re always interested in increasing audience share anywhere we think there’s opportunity, so it’s natural we’d push heavily into a space like Twitch with our personalities, who are passionate about gaming.”

Perhaps it’s the interaction angle, as Discovery admitted with one of the show’s hosts. “Phil DeFranco’s fans love nothing more than to be able to continue their relationship with Phil DeFranco and play along with him live,” said Decker. “He’s a longtime pro and very accomplished about steering the audience through an experience with the games in a really fun, irreverent way.” (The trailer for the show is below.)

“One of the more interesting things about Twitch is, in an era where we’re talking about more and more video on demand, there is still a very compelling argument for linear video or appointment viewing,” said Decker. “At the end of the day, nothing beats great content at a great time of day when you can tune in and feel like you’re being part of something.”

With these recent business moves – and continued support for games like Clash of Clans and League of Legends among others — there’s no questioning the site’s impressive popularity. Earlier this year, we reported that Twitch doubled its monthly viewers to 100 million, along with other impressive stats. eMarketer also had its own numbers to report, indicating that there’s a huge outreach in male streamers, although female ones are certainly on the rise as well.

Indeed, when it comes to Twitch, the show is going on – and it’s got quite an audience with it.