TV is just beginning to feel the brunt of the digital shift. In 2013, Americans who chose to pay for cable, satellite or fiber services saw a loss of nearly 2 million video subscribers. The picture is slightly different when segmented, with cable losing a majority of these customers while satellite actually gained 170,000 subscribers and fiber optics grew by 1.6 million users respectively.

Research from firm SNL Kagan tallied subscribers from the whole of the the paid TV industry to find that the numbers had dropped to 100 million. With cheaper (and online) alternatives, offering as much on-demand media as one can consume, it’s understandable by Americans are proceeding to cut pricey cable subscriptions.

“While seasonally driven quarterly declines have become routine for industry watchers, the annual dip illustrates longer-term downward pressure even as economic conditions gradually improve,” said SNL Kagan.


Source: AdAge