San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) has traditionally been the place to reveal the latest film trailers, casting announcements and panels to discuss the future of a movie franchise or TV shows. Although the VR experience is far from a new activation for this thriving, yearly collection of nerd-love, this year marks a particularly strong showing by studios and networks alike.

‘Suicide Squad’

It may not be a TV show like the rest on our list, but this SDCC activation for DC is definitely worth a nod. Located at the Hard Rock Hotel, Warner Brothers’ Suicide Squad VR experience transports viewers directly into a scene from the movie that was created during filming. What began as an idea to film behind-the-scenes footage in 360-degree video turned into this interactive marketing activation at the Con. Using a Samsung GearVR headset, users step right into the movie alongside fellow characters like Harley Quinn, Killer Crock, Deadshot and Katana.

suicide squad vr experience

‘Mr. Robot’

On Thursday, USA Network treated US fans of Mr. Robot to a 12-minute VR experience based on the hit show. Like any good hacker, USA’s message promptly disappeared following the event. The interactive experience, written and directed by series creator Sam Esmail took viewers “into an important flashback from [the] main character, Elliot’s past.” This one-time simulcast was available to audiences whether they were physically at the convention or not, and was touted as the largest of its kind. If you missed it, the VR flashback will be permanently uploaded next week, according to The Verge.

‘Teen Wolf’

MTV introduced the first “gaze-activated” VR experience with live action—a type of interactive “choose your own adventure” within the Teen Wolf universe. Sponsored by AT&T, The Teen Wolf VR experience plants users right in the middle of one of two scenes involving the deadly new ghost rider character. Using an Oculus headset, the viewer can explore the scene as it plays out in 360-degree views. Depending on where that person looks, the scene will play out in one of several ways.

“This is a true extension of the show with completely new technology,” said Matt McDonough, senior director of digital strategy and fan engagement at MTV. “We always try to get fans more involved.”

Those who are unable to attend SDCC but want to try the Teen Wolf VR experience can do so at an Oculus store. Non-interactive versions of the 360-degree videos will be available on Facebook and YouTube in the near future.

HiddenTemple_PresentationBook_160120 (dragged) 1.pdf

‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’

Nickelodeon is going back to the ‘90s at this year and for the fourth time, the kids’ network is using VR to market a show. “We learn something new with each execution,” Jaime Dictenberg, senior vice president of Nickelodeon Consumer Marketing, told [a]listdaily. “Keeping the viewer engaged with both the story and the environment is key. We use Easter eggs, interactivity and sight and sound cues to direct the user’s attentiVRon and keep them engaged. Experiments in 360-degree storytelling are shared across Viacom so each network is free to experiment for their own audience, while leveraging best practices in technology, technique and vendors.”

This year, it’s Legends of the Hidden Temple that’s getting a new live action TV movie, along with a 360-degree experience brought to life through Samsung GearVR for those who visit the 1,800 square-foot Nickelodeon booth on the convention floor.


Syfy has created “Welcome to the Quiet Room,” an immersive VR experience around its upcoming TV show Incorporated. Set in the not-too-distant future where oppressive corporations are in control, Syfy’s new fall program is executive produced by both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The VR experience takes place inside the “Incorporated Café,” a takeover of Maryjane’s Diner in the Hard Rock Hotel, and offers 360-degree immersion and spatial audio.

The experience recreates the “quiet room,” the “locale within the world of Incorporated where those that have been disloyal to the Spiga Corporation are taken to be interrogated or ‘retired.’” Viewers are interrogated by Julian (Dennis Haysbert) and will be privy to many secrets about the upcoming Incorporated world.

‘American Horror Story’

After using VR to transport fans into the world of Guillermo del Toro’s The Strain last year, FX is focusing on American Horror Story this time around. The AHS Fearless VR Experience will allow fans of Ryan Murphy’s long-running TV series to become a part of their favorite show and test the boundaries of their own fear. “VR experiences at Comic-Con allow us to attract hardcore fans of not only our shows but fans of various entertainment genres and technology as well,” Kenya Hardaway-Green, vice president of integrated promotions at FX Networks told [a]listdaily. “There is still a great deal of curiosity surrounding VR and we cater to that interest to tell our stories to a broader audience.”