Wargaming had a huge weekend at PAX East (held in Boston), where it showcased the return of the classic space empire building game, Master of Orion, as well as giving plenty of appreciation to its avid World of Tanks fan base. But the history-themed competitive tank game will soon have new stories to tell, and Dark Horse Comics is along for the ride.

The game publisher has announced that it has partnered with the comic book publisher to create a new limited edition series called World of Tanks: Roll Out!, which will focus on tank battles that took place during the summer of 1944, when the British Cromwells battled against German Panthers armored units in post D-Day Normandy.


The series will be written by Garth Ennis (Preacher; War Stories; The Punisher), while Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd; War Stories Vol. 2) and cover artist Isaac Hannaford (Halo: Reach; The Punisher) are contributing to the project.

The five-issue series is set to release on both in physical and digital formats for fans to enjoy, and will be available in both U.S. and European territories this fall.

Considering the massive success World of Tanks has seen on both PC and console platforms (it released for PlayStation 4 earlier this year), this gives the franchise ample opportunity to spread out into a new medium—the ever-growing field of comic books—to tell character-driven stories. As a result, a new audience could pick up the free-to-play game.

World of Tanks Roll Out comic book Preview page

It looks like a solid partnership for Wargaming and Dark Horse Comics, and one that could give the strategy game maker a greater presence at other upcoming events, especially the insanely popular San Diego Comic-Con.

If successful, there’s a possibility that this deal could grow to include Wargaming’s other franchises, which include World of Warplanes and World of Warships.