While free-to-play has been a winning concept for MMOs and multiplayer focused games, it’s still mostly untested for single player experiences. Wargaming.net CEO Victor Kislyi thinks the sky is the limit for free-to-play titles.

“A lot of games will be free-to-play,” said Kislyi. “What I hope and what I want is that some companies keep doing the classic franchises, the single player games. I think single player games are still viable, that experience is still viable for classic RPGs, empire building games and some first-person shooters like Half-Life.”

“Free-to-play is still the wild west,” he added. “Nobody knows and nobody can predict where it will evolve to, where it will branch out to. I can see a single player experience being done on a server, like Gaikai or OnLive. At Wargaming.net, we don’t know free-to-play, we’ve just conquered this player versus player niche, we’re responsible for that.”

Source: GamesIndustry International