From BrandFreak:

The whodunit board game, made by USAOPOLY via a Hasbro license and a deal with NBC Universal’s consumer products division and the show’s producer, Reveille, launched recently at Borders, Barnes & Noble and other retailers. It puts the paper-company employees of the Emmy-winning NBC comedy in the office on a Saturday of course they’re grumbling about overtime to figure out who offed Toby, the head of human resources.

The Office had its new season premiere last night, with Toby safe and sound (for now).  The game features locations and characters from the popular NBC show, and is an unorthodox way to broaden a brand s reach from outside just television.

Shows like Dexter and True Blood are branching out into our kind of games as well, with the iPhone version of Dexter already out and multi-console plans in the works for True Blood.