Microsoft today announced that all developers for the Windows Store will have pricing tiers available from $1.49 to $999.99, with Microsoft handling international pricing. Along with in-app purchases, advertisements and other standard options, there will also be fully-functional trials offered.

“The developers at Collecting Smiles are the creators of the great painting app Colors. They are interesting in selling this app to users at a particular price, but want to make sure that ALL users have the ability to see the great functionality of the app and be enticed to make a purchase. They have decided to offer a fully functional, time limited trial of their app to enable users to get started. On the Windows Phone, we have seen apps with trials bring up to 5 times the revenue of apps without trials,” writes Antoine Leblond. “By selecting a seven day trial while onboarding their app, they have enabled all users to click the Try button on their app description page to get access to their app — before they decide to buy it.”