While Wooga is the number three publisher on Facebook, it’s nonetheless looking to refocus on mobile. Wooga CEO Jens Begemann sees people shifting away from desktops in favor of smartphones and tablets.

“We have roughly 60 percent of our employees working on mobile, 40 percent on Canvas,” said Begemann. “We made this decision a year ago. A year ago we only had 10 people working on mobile. Now it’s over half of the 250-people company. We still see growth on Canvas and obviously it’s still bigger, but the growth on mobile is extremely fast. The PC will become less important, and with that the browser, and with that Canvas. But that’s really mid-term.”

“I think that people who are buying a tablet now, as a private person, won’t replace their laptop,” he added. “They will phase out their existing laptop and they will maybe upgrade in two years to the next generations of tablets. I think that’s what’s happening.”

Source: Gamasutra