Glass Door, a career services firm, released the results of a survey conducted before Zynga’s quiet period, and CEO Marcus Pincus only had a 46 percent approval rating far below the average rating of 62 for most CEOs. The best of executives, like the late Steve Jobs, were around 97 percent; by contrast, the rating for Pincus is akin to recently fired Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and former HP boss Leo Apotheker.

“If you are under 25, have no kids, love the smell of dog and want to get fat eating all kinds of free food, by all means, apply,” said one written response provided by Glass Door.  “It will be the extension of the dorm-living that you will need right after college. Professionals who want to complete an entire design/develop/iterate/deploy/and document cycle will find the going is tough.”

Source: VentureBeat