Zynga chief creative officer Mike Verdu has left the company, following soon after the departure of COO John Schappert. Verdu will start his own mobile company and the departure appears to be an amicable one.

“I personally don’t want to add to the noise level,” said Verdu. “I think this will be a good thing for me and for Zynga. I’m concerned about how this might be viewed with what else is going on, but it’s not a function of anything else going on at the company. I love the guys that I work with; I would go to war with these guys at my side anytime. Leaving them is hard.”

“Mike has been a good friend to me personally as well as professionally, and has been an influential creative leader to us all,” said Zynga CEO Mark Pincus in a statement. “I’m proud of the legacy that Mike has helped build and the deep bench of creative talent and leaders who will carry the torch and shape the next wave of creativity at Zynga. Zynga will be on the ground floor with Mike on his next venture as an investor in his new start-up. We are excited for Mike in this next chapter in his distinguished career and we are grateful for his contributions to Zynga.”

Source: AllThingsD