Zynga announced that it has acquired developer A Bit Lucky. The San Mateo, California developer is responsible for the mid-core titles Lucky Space and Lucky Train, which will be indicative of the social games that Zynga will be looking to produce.

“Today, we’re very excited to announce the very beginnings of our efforts to expand into a category that we’ve talked about before, which is mid-core multi-platform games. To bolster those efforts I want to make an announcement about a small acquisition today: The talented team of A Bit Lucky, which is a studio focused on creating mid-core multi-platform games. They’re going to be joining Zynga as part of Zynga San Francisco.” said Zynga VP Bill Jackson. “That team is made up of veterans from the game industry, companies like Trion Worlds and Xfire, as well as other companies. All 20 of A Bit Lucky’s employees, including my friends and veterans, Fredric Descamps and Jordan Maynard, are going to become part of Zynga San Francisco with their team.”

“We started almost three years ago and managed to get some pretty impressive investors behind us. A few months ago we started working on Solstice Arena,” said Fredric Descamps, co-founder and CEO of A Bit Lucky. “The main reason why we chose to work with Zynga is pretty simple: It’s really all about the people. It was a meeting of the minds when we started talking with Zynga. We really found here with Bill Jackson, Steven Chiang, Mark Skaggs, and Mark Pincus, people who are extremely passionate about making great games, people who are very entrepreneurial, who are quick-moving, which is all the things we like as gaming entrepreneurs. Meeting with Bill Jackson and Mark Pincus was the turning point for us in making the decision to join forces with Zynga.”

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Source: GamesIndustry International