By Jessica Klein

YouTube statistics show that subscribers watch a channel’s content for double the time that non-subscribers do, according to the YouTube Playbook for Brands.

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Knowing this, brands hoping for increased viewer engagement should seek to convert these viewers into subscribers. Here are a few simple ways to determine who your brand’s most likely subscribers are and how to get them to click that famous button.

1. Make a List

Figure out who’s been watching your brand’s videos and who’s already subscribed. Subtract the latter from the former, and that’s who you should be remarketing to. You can create a custom list on your brand’s channel so your ads target viewers who have yet to take the plunge and subscribe.

2. Whip Up a Channel Trailer

Channel trailers create a perfect opportunity to showcase all of your brand’s best video work in one place. Viewers tuning into the channel will see all the most engaging moments in rapid succession, followed by a call to action encouraging them to subscribe and see more. If you’re going to ask viewers to subscribe, this method helps you provide some compelling reasons for them to do so.

3. Turn Your Trailer into an Ad

You went through the trouble of making a channel trailer, so why confine it to only your channel Using TrueView, you can easily spread the wealth, converting your brand’s channel trailer into an in-stream advertisement that can be seen by all! (Well, not exactly “all,” but you catch my drift.) To call viewers to subscribe through the ad, the Playbook suggests using this destination: add_user=[your channel name].

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