By: Jessica Klein

These days, more and more brands have begun to understand the need to engage consumers online as well as on TV. The ones who know their target demographic will turn to YouTube to get their video fix have made some smart moves on the platform, showcasing their commercials there for the growing number of cord-cutters, cord-nevers, and cord-sometimes (yeah, we’re making that last one a term).

In order to create a YouTube channel that people will actually engage with, these five brands have gone beyond just putting their commercials on the web. They’ve created channels fully packed with creative content, relying on partnerships with “traditional” celebrities and YouTube personalities alike to bring in viewers. Original series sit next to commercials in these five emerging branded channels on YouTube, found through OpenSlate’s Emerging Talent Tracker tool.

 5. Fitbit

  • SlateScore: 327
  • Total Subs: 7,479
  • Monthly Views: 1,589,220

Featuring exercise videos and the brand’s commercials, Fitbit’s YouTube channel manages to be useful and entertaining.

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