by Jessica Klein

Gamers have long been drawn to YouTube, both as creators and those who follow them for “expert” tips on their favorite games. However, as Ken Halvachs, strategist of social content at DigitasLBi explained, “With so many passionate gamers on the platform not only viewing but making their own videos, content creators may find it difficult to stand out.”

Thus, these growing gaming channels, as found by Outrigger Media’s Emerging Talent Tracker tool, all have something in common–a specialty. Well, their specialties aren’t what they have in common, which is the point. They all stand out on the video platform by focusing on their own, specific niches.

After all, Halvachs confirmed, “Channels that are seeing success on YouTube are often dedicated to specific genres or even individual games. Sleepy Jirachi and FancySimmer are two great examples of this, as their channels focus on Pokemon and The Sims games, respectively.”

See who else has carved out their gaming spots on the ‘Tube…

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