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Instagram has been used many times before by advertisers, promoting videos and photos that they felt would be essential to the millions of users that visit the site daily. But Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim line wanted to go a little further than that, creating a Rick & Morty based universe for fans to explore.

Launched just in time for the second season of the humorous science fiction-adventure series, Adult Swim’s Instagram campaign, titled The Rickstaverse, enables users to click on photos of planets and find little factoids about the series, as well as some weird scenarios, such as high-fiving a naked man wearing a Santa hat, floating in space.

There are rules to follow, as dictated by this special instructions page. “What’s taking so long with Season 2 ” it reads. “Turns out we lost the tapes. Well, lost as in Rick left them in a bar after chugging a bottle of Plutonian Tequila. While we start from scratch, help Rick and his pal Morty traverse the universe to find the five bootleggers responsible. Follow their accounts and maybe they’ll send you exclusive Season 2 clips, since we sure-as-hell can’t.”

So users will explore each of the photos in the hopes of finding these items and unlocking exclusive clips from the show as a result. It’s a neat idea, and one with plenty of comedy for fans. One photo of a greenish planet reads: “That’s the Fantasy Planet Morty dragged me to. Still has that sweet pre-industrial Revolution smell. Tap-to-scan if that’s your thing.”

A couple of samples from the Instagram album are below, to give you an idea of not only what kind of planets are worth exploring, but also feedback from fans, which is mostly on the positive side.

The full album can be found here. Rick & Morty airs on Sunday nights on Adult Swim. The trailer for the series is below.