In a bid to keep families engaged on the road while advertising to those families, Alamo Rent-A-Car has released a series of mobile apps designed for family road trips. Alamo has teamed up with several ‘mom’ bloggers to create and push these apps, in addition to promoted tweets and Facebook posts from Alamo. Four of these games can be played from the AlamoGames2Go web app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine by using the hashtag #AlamoGames2Go.

The four games are Alamoding, PixPursuit, SnapFamily, and Alamovie. Each of the apps involves using picture or video to capture family moments, which can then can be submitted for a chance to win every week or to win a $5000 grand prize. In addition to the contests being held by Alamo’s apps, the participating mom bloggers will be holding contests as well.

An increasingly growing part of social networks is mothers. Alamo is attempting to break into this market by creating these applications and games for families and marketing them to mothers. Alamo will be tracking the success of these games as the campaign goes on by noting how much attention and participation the games get.

Source: Adweek